Churchie Chess is proud to present the
Churchie Chess Festival FIDE Swiss

Monday 13th December to Friday 17th December 2021

A 7-round Swiss tournament.
Time control – 60 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move 1

Pairing System – Vega using Swiss Dutch FIDE JaVaFo

Tie Breaks

  1. Buchholz Cut 1;
  2. Buchholz;
  3. Direct Encounter.

FIDE Laws of Chess shall apply.
The tournament shall be FIDE, ACF and QJ rated.

The seeding order shall be ACF; then FIDE if no ACF rating. QJ shall be used if unrated in the ACF and FIDE rating lists.



Total Prize Pool: $2000
1st $1000, 2nd $600, 3rd $400.

Prizes for u1500 and unrated player(s) will depend on entries. This (these) extra prize(s) will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Chief Organiser.

Players without a FIDE ID must be Australian citizens otherwise they will have to register with their FIDE country of citizenship prior to registering for the event.

Entry Fees: $80
Entries Close on Sunday, December 12th at 6:00 pm.

Late entries may be accepted by the Tournament Organisers.
Late entries, if accepted, will be paired into Round 2.

Venue – Morris Hall
Anglican Church Grammar School
Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane QLD 4169

Eligibility – 2021 CAQ membership is required
CAQ membership:


Registration: Monday, 13th December 09:00am

Round 1 commences 9:30am Monday 13th December
Round 2 commences 2:00pm Monday 13th December
Round 3 commences 9:30am Tuesday 14th December
Round 4 commences 9:30am Wednesday 15th December
Round 5 commences 2:00pm Wednesday 15th December
Round 6 commences 9:30am Thursday 16th December
Round 7 commences 9:30am Friday 17th December

Presentations: 4:30 pm Friday 17th December.

Forfeiture time: 30 minutes from the start of the round.

Half Point Byes: A maximum of two half point byes only will be permitted for
rounds 1 to 6. Byes for round 1 must be notified before 6:00pm, Sunday, December 12th.

Chief Organiser – Max Condon
Chief Arbiter – FA David Esmonde, Deputy Arbiter NA Henry Slater-Jones

In case of a tie, the Tournament title and all prizes will be decided on tie-break.
Prizes at Churchie are never shared.